The Craft Connection is a Kootenay success story and is today one of the most renown gift galleries in Western Canada.

With the move to our new location in 2009 the store now has two floors of display area. The upper floor is dedicated to consignees who wish to display their work on a permanent basis. The lower floor, Gallery 378, offers temporary exibitions.

If you are interested in becoming a Craft Connection consignee click on the
Submissions link at the top of the page.

Camilla Garnett
Camilla Garnet
Consignees who have been selling in the Store for more than
6 months may request membership status.

Keiko  Lee Hem - Faire by Keiko Creation
Leanna  Mailot
Lynne Alexender
Elaine & Andy Alfoldy - Alfoldy
Corre Alice
Murray & Annette Anderson - Sunburst Crafts
Courtney Anderson
Mindy Andrews
Megan Babb
Debra Balchowsky - Body Eletric
Mark & Jane Bateman - Cornucopia Glass
Ryan Bavin - Bavin Glassworks
Lainey Benson
Keith Berens
Byron Bird
Natasha Bogdasavich
Kalika Bowlby - Kalika Bowlby Pottery
Kate Bridger
Liz Bryant
Branda Christofferson - Cutthreads Design
Roger Clapham - Clapham's Beeswax Products Ltd
Sinead Clark - Essen C Knitwear
Katya Coad
Deb Cochran
Ted Crosfield
Jillian Davis
Jessica De Haas - Funk Shui Atcher
Christine Dell
Andrea den Elzen
Scott Dickson
Linda Dixon - Heart and Bone Textiles
Aimee Douziech - Douziech Designs
Alice Duck
Deborah Dumka
Jacques Dupas
Nicole Duvent
Dave & Annie Faehndrich - Kootenay Soap Co
Tracy Fillion - Dear Pony
Soleil Fleming - Maboue
Corin Flood
Jan Formby - Red Moon Gallery
Rick Foulger Cloudscapes -  Gallery
Chelsey Freyta
Guillaume Gareau Loyer - L'atelier  Beau Grain
Stephanie Gauvin
Ric Gerzey - Fresh Fish Folk Art
Ric Grant - Wired On Glass
Robert Held - Robert Held Glass
Nicole Hobbs
Kimberley Horrocks
Niki Hunter - Love22 Apparel
Denise Jones - Vivid Works
Chris Jones
Anna Ju
James Karthein - Ridge Line Metal Works
Kathy Kelly
Erica Konrad
Walter Laktin
Iannick Lamaire
Michelle Lambert
Jim Lawrence

Andrea Legg. - Sprouting Seed Crafts
Kari Lehr
Melanie MacVoy - The Cedar Studio
Leanna Mailhot
Lisa Martin
Bruce Martin
Woogie & Sinja Masahara - Magic Lamps
Cameron Mathieson
Erin McAuley - Soulumination Art Works
Gary McCandish
Ryan McMillan - Riverbank Design
Daphne Mennel
Moss Glass Works l
Sarah Moffat
Katherine Moore - Strange Bird Studio
Jeanette Moore
Yvonne Munro
Robert Nestman - Freeline Furniture
Douglas Noblet - Wild Air Photo
Nathalie Parenteau
Sue Parr
Bruce Paterson
Karl Peeters
Marty Phillips
Jerome Piguet
Kate Plant
Bradley Poole
Galadriel Rael
Michel Griffin Rain
Kootenay Rainbow - Kootenay Rainbow Candles
Andrew Raney
Tricia Rasku
Andrea Revoy
Lorna Robins
Joanna Rogers
Dana Roman
Megan Rose Babb - Rose Pedals
Natalie Ruby
Risa Salsberg
Gord & Faith Saunders - Saunders Family Farm
Northern Woven Brooms
Lane Senger - Tree Spirit
Lola Sherstobitoff - From my Heart Photography
Ricki Shi - Uppdoo
Nathan Smith -Sunsmith Design
Kendra Smith -Kendra Art
Kentree Spears
Susan Spisani
Chili Thom
Jo-Anne Trusz
Jessie Turner - Jessie Turner Designs
Mirja Vahala
Lisa & Terry Vanderwolf - Paper Garden
Kevin Vervaeke
Bea Von Allmen
Micah & Jeremiah Wassink - Pridham Studio
Carol Wallace
Ann Willsie - Studio Cerulean
Susan Winter
Keira Zaslove